In response to the growing needs for stricter security measures and effectively countering widespread phenomena of identity theft and forgery as well as protection to vital objects from the threat of terrorism or also for national security, we offer a high performance, user friendly products and solutions that would suited for both human and vehicles entry point. With the ability to combine multiple biometric and electronic access sensors including iris scan, palm vein authentication and face recognition, we provides the complete security package for extra protection to meet the increasing demands in security measures.

Other than that, we also offer any means of access control for any vehicles with a set of software or hardware that could capture and recognize license plate data as well as other information on the passing vehicles in real time both day or night surely would give you a much needed protection to your needs.

We offer fully automatic, smart visual lookout assistance system that provides enhanced safety by detecting dangerous or suspect approaches for both at sea and land.
We could provides video management systems which include monitoring, recording, analysis, reporting and investigation to prevent acts of terrorism and piracy as well as anti collision systems which offering full perimeter control and warning system against any intruders of any size. The presence of analytic software further enhances the capability of identification the intruder as we could offer face recognition technology to be included as well as tampering identification and historical movement analysis of the suspect.

For application at the sea, the systems are very reliable and offering best safety solutions for applications such as commercial shipping, cruise ship, offshore oil rig, military/law enforcement and coastal and seaport.  While for land-based application, it would be very suited for border protection, important sites perimeter security, prison, and military bases as well as for the purpose of traffic monitoring.

Personal security has become an important issue for all human being across the world in everyday life where we are facing potential life threatening situation with possibly, no one else to protect us.With the need of every human being to be able to feel free and secure in his or her own environment, we provide you a unique solution of non-lethal weapon that solved the limitations of pepper spray canisters in Piexon’s JET PROTECTOR JPX and GUARDIAN ANGEL where it launch the liquid irritant agents by means of pyrotechnic drive which is the most suitable and reliable delivery system to overcome weaknesses of the pressurised pepper spray canister who often heavily affected by the winds.We identify the products is suitable for the following operational uses:

- Personal protection for Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security Units
- Domestic violence
- Peace keeping in prisons
- Peace keeping in urban areas
- Marking violent suspects
- Guard and patrol operations
- Area denial

Other Solutions

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