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We provide high-tech training simulator systems in the area where we have been very successful in the past in delivering, intstalling, integrating and commissioning on various training simulators contracts we have had in the area of shipping, mining, oil & gas.

In the mean time, we are solely concentrating on Doron’s driving simulator systems that is engineered and manufactured to exacting specifications as it has been proven to operate reliably in hundreds of installations around the world. This assures safety, comfort and an effective learning experience with strict attention to global technical requirements.

With more than 25,000 simulators delivered in over 60 countries worldwide, certainly the driving simulators could be well suited as a training tool for Law Enforcement, Truck Operators, Fire & EMS personnels as well as for amateur drivers seeking training or applying for their driving license.

Disaster Management
Indonesia has been blessed with its wonders and beauty due to the geographical location, being between 2 Continents and 2 Oceans which contributes to its beautiful nature and fertile land . It has also been cursed because Indonesia is located right in the “Ring of Fire” which make it susceptible to earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. The 2004 Aceh Tsunami, was deemed to be avoidable should at the time the peoples around it had sufficient knowledge of the risk of natural disaster that claimed so many lives as well as the damages. The government has also been doing its job to improve its capability for Disaster Detection, Management as well as Search and Rescue through major investment for programs in Bureau of Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG), Badan SAR Nasional (BASARNAS), Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB).
MJA-TECH has also been starting its role in participating in numerous programs on those Institutions above through provision of several key equipments and systems:

Tactical Search Light :we offers various searchlights specially designed for search and rescue, shipboard protection, and border security. The searchlights are Non-Lethal Weapon, equipped with motorized beam width adjustment and capable of long range illumination.

Camp Modules: 
Our Modular Camps are disaster ready equipments that will be able to sustain lives of the personnel for weeks. The modules are equipped with air conditioning system, lighting, kitchen, water storage, sanitary container, and power generator. We identify the modules are suitable to be used in disaster relief program or remote area operation where shelters are hard to find.

Atmospheric Water Generator: 
In the midst of disaster, water could be a scarce commodity. Therefore, we provide Atmospheric Water Generator system as water supply solution in the most remote area of disaster. The system can be used to minimize logistic requirements with high reliability and low maintenance requirements.


RHIB and Aluminum Boats: We provide various arrays of boats capable of performing search and rescue, fire fighting, border protection, and deterrence towards illegal fishing. The boats are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ready to be at your disposal to complete any type of operation.


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