Personal Protective Equipments (PPE)
We offer a range of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE that includes helmets, googles, face shields, body shields, knee & elbow protectors and covert or overt bullet proof as well as stab proof clothing that are suitable for the needs of law enforcement, military or any other government agencies.
All the products offered are tested and certified in accordance to the US, European and International Standards.

Weapon Systems
MJA-TECH empowers the Indonesian Military and Police Forces with an extensive array of selections products applied at all levels of strategic and tactical operations.
MJA-TECH offers a range of products in precision optics, conventional optics, and digital imaging to provide our customers a wide variety of high quality optics in the area of tactical, combat, observation, intelligence and reconnaissance. Our products ranging from Digital Night Vision Goggle (DNVG), thermal imager, Laser Range finder, long-range camera, as well as weapon mounted scope systems for both snipers assault weapons with either thermal or night vision capabilities.

To overcome the customer’s security problems by use and application of electronic equipment and software, we provide various ranges of electronic security equipment and devices for homeland security and special operations purposes such as telecommunications, jamming systems for convoy protection, bomb squad, conference room protection and many other applications.

Chemicals, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN)
We supplies a range of advanced CBRN, Hazmat and Riot Control respiratory protection solutions to the world’s military, law enforcement, first responder, emergency services, fire and industrial markets.
We offer unique capability in CBRN protection based on a range of advanced CBRN technologies in:
- Respirator design
- Filtration
- Compressed air breathing apparatus

Rescue, Access & Forced Entry
We provide various kinds of rescue, access and forced entry equipments from hydraulic breaching tools, explosive breaching, pyrotechnic tools to a new-generation, innovative non-pyrotechnic pneumatic line throwing equipments to meet the needs of law enforcement, military and Search and Rescue personnels to take advantages of in all environment, both for applications at sea and land.

Intelligence, Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Systems
We are also capable in providing other specialized systems, tools or equipments that are strickly for government end users such as Passive or Active Interception Unit, DIrection Finding Unit, Jammers, and UAVs both fixed and rotating wings.

Other Solutions

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