We offer customised meteorological solutions to our customers for both civil and military purpose that has been tested in the harshest environments and are consistently reliable. Our range of products include AWOS, AWS, weather radar, wind profiler systems as well as other smaller individual sensors or tools stations for aviation that meet every demand from simple automated remote locations, to fully staffed CAT III multiple runway airfields. Other than that, we are also able to offer weather radar, wind profiler systems and also AWOS augmentation system based on real time video for visibility observations.

To support airspace safety and commercial aviation users within the country in landing capabilities in rugged terrain or obstacles, we offer state of the art tracking and guidance system in form of the Transponder Landing System (TLS) as well as traditional Instrument Landing System (ILS). TLS is a ground based guidance system which has been approved by the FAA that capable of supplying vertical and horizontal approach guidance to terrain challenged airports, while at the same time utilizing legacy airborne equipment to minimise operator costs.
Other than that, we also offer a non-direcdional beacon (NDB), which is a radio transmitter to be placed at either helipad or airport for use as navigational aid, which is standardised according to ICAO Annex 10. We could offer both fixed or portable NDB suited to your needs.

We offer solutions for air traffic control, airline and airport operators ranging from Airport Surface Management in Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (A-SMGCS), such as the FAA’s Airport Surface Detection Equipment, to airspace surveillance products such as Multistatic Dependent Surveillance multilateration and Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Transceivers. We also offer surveillance data processing and fusion with the Multi-Sensor Data Processor (MSDP) and airport vehicle tracking, thus provides surveillance and information technology for the aviation industry, supporting air navigation service providers, airports and airlines.

As a supplier of spare parts for military aviation equipment, MJA-TECH prides itself in its ability to offer superior service, competitive pricing and consistent, on-time delivery. Our success is based on key industry partnerships coupled with a highly-trained and motivated staff to maximize customer value and strives to meet the needs of the customer.

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